Welcome to the Principal's Corner! 


Welcome to Nicholls Elementary School, home of the Rockin’ Reskins.  All staff at Nicholls Elementary strives for excellence on a daily basis. Our first priority is your child’s safety, and we appreciate your cooperation with the procedures we have in place to ensure the safety of every child and adult on our campus.  Secondly, we strive for excellence in the education we provide to our students. Our faculty members are 100% highly qualified for the subjects they teach and provide Standards Based Instruction that is monitored by the leaders of the school.  We have high expectations for all students not only in the area of academics, but also in their interactions with one another. We expect students to have a strong work ethic, be kind to others, and have a desire to achieve their dreams.  We hope to teach them that elementary school DOES matter. What they do now is laying the foundation for their future in middle school, high school, and beyond! 

Mrs. Lori Bratcher

Lori Bratcher, Principal

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