Mission, Values, and Beliefs

Destination Graduation

Mission Statement

Destination Graduation for College, Career, and Life

Our mission is the purpose for which we exist as a school system.

Our Vision

An Equitable and Excellent Education for Every Student

Our vision describes a future state to which we aspire as a school system.

Our Beliefs

• All children can learn
• The family plays the most important role in a young child’s life
• Children come to school at different levels of readiness
• People learn in diverse ways and at different rates
• Students’ needs must drive educational decisions
• The schools are responsible for educating all children in a safe environment
• A relationship exists between expectations and learning
• A quality education prepares students for college, career, and life
• Learning occurs when students are motivated and engaged
• Effective teaching promotes learning
• Nurturing relationships support learning
• Creating a caring culture is key to engaging all learners
• Community engagement and support are vital for effective schools
• Parents, schools, community, and students share the responsibility for educating all children and for each student’s educational success
• The community and the state have the responsibility to ensure that a viable public educational program is provided for all children and youth
• Visionary leadership is essential to continuous improvement
• Employing and retaining highly qualified, effective staff and providing opportunities for their professional growth are crucial to the schools’ effectiveness

School Improvement Plan